From Fortune to Fame – Jim Dale reads through the seven Harry Potter audio publications

People will recognize Jim Dale’s rich baritone voice dozens of years from now. At seventy-five, Mr. Dale will be the narration voice of Harry Potter and over two hundred different character voices in the free audiobooks online

What many people don’t understand, however, is definitely the undeniable fact that Dale was amused long before he started working on the Potter audiobooks. Jim was a pop singer, stand-up comedian, Off-Broadway performer and more in the entertainment sector for a number of years before he discovered the Harry Potter audiobooks…or rather, before the Harry Potter publishers located him.

In ’99, Listening Library (an impartial publisher at the time) just acquired the copyright (in the United States) to the audio e-book for Your Philosopher’s Stone (e-Book 1) for under £15,000. Timothy Ditlow, a son of Listening Library’s founders, attended a small opportunity with various Broadway-goers and some of them figured that Jim would be fantastic for that aspect. And even though Dale had only recorded 1 audiobook before, he decided to present him with the aspect. Rowling, as well as the producers, usually found it obvious that they wanted a British accent for Harry over the audiobooks, which along with Jim’s performances in good form, accounted for that.

Jim states that when he was about to start the element, under no circumstances had he heard of Harry Potter and asked to search the e-book. After flipping through it, he says he was “completely immersed in the Harry Potter world” and that the guide was incredibly well-written and funny, and that the prospect of six more books definitely “gave my urge to eat”.

When Jim picked up the books, he was generally the first or second person shortly after Rowling’s publisher to browse one of many new books (and usually the first man or woman in America to do so). More present than curse, since Dale was contractually obligated not to divulge even the smallest details of the plot just before the guide’s release.

Now that Dale has narrated all seven audio guides, he has received 2 Grammys, 7 Grammy nominations, a record 10 Audie Awards (along with the 2004 audio guide) and thirteen Audio File Earphone Awards for his performances. Dale can be the voice for many of your Harry Potter video games and much of the commentary on the Potter DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

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